Welcome to this blog


First to introduce myself, I’m 31, I live in Nantes, a French town of medium size, I like to make beautiful cakes, and I always enjoy a good glass of wine. To quickly take stock of my professional life I have left school with a small degree in computer science. During my employments that followed, I quickly forked in the field of testing, specifically the functional test. And with all due respect to the test detractors, I loved doing that!

There is about a year, I started a personal project that led me to develop a prototype of mobile application. The personal project is over, but the fun of mobile development remained. One always comes back to his first love. This is why four months ago, I decided to follow the Android Developer Nanodegree training on Udacity platform. Now, I arrive almost to the end of this training and I like the idea of creating a blog.

Why a blog? Above all I do it for me … The first articles I want to write are the description of the development process of Nanodegree projects. This forces me to code cleanly and above all, have to explain in simple words what I coded. It is a great way to get myself clear ideas about what I do, and therefore to improve myself.

But also to exchange. I imagined first articles that present the solution to Nanodegree projects, as a general truth, which could interest those who have a less technical level than mine. But it is clear that the more I learn the more I realize that I know nothing.

So I decided to address these items from another angle, which suits me more I think. Write humbly, as a diary, my daily interrogations (of developer, I will spare you the others …), my mistakes and the solutions I’m trying to implement. With any luck, some will identify, and thus have a different perspective on similar problems. And if I spoke about exchange, it is because I hope some of you will want to question, criticize, blame, because it seems that exchanging is the best way to better ourselves.

Finally, this blog will be in English. All day long I read articles in English, but I practice very little this language orally or in writing. This will be an opportunity for me to improve.

In summary, you are about to read a blog written in poor English, the author probably has more questions than certainties, and the only thing he expects is to be criticized.. . If you are still interested, let’s start!